Terms & Conditions

We want this consignment experience to be a simple and convenient service for you, but we do have a few rules for your review:

1. All items must be CLEAN. WE SET THE PRICES. Tack must be in safe and oiled condition. When appropriate, items must be sold in pairs or sets, i.e. polo wraps. Apparel items must be in current style and/or show quality. Show shirts must have at least one matching collar. Unfortunately, we will charge you $10 per item that we warrant dirty and if we must clean and condition your consigned items. Any items dropped off without review will not be given any notice or call that items need to be cleaned or those that need to be donated. We will also donate any items that we deem to be out of style of unsafe. We will not give you a notice or a call if we donate any of your items unless you specify which items you do NOT want donated. We set the price of the items and welcome your input but ultimately we make the decision.

2. We do not consign riding helmets due to safety concerns, but we will donate them for your convenience to one of our local equine non-profits. Also, we cannot accept used grooming items, gloves, underwear, hairnets, or plush animals due to health concerns, nor do we accept opened or unopened containers of supplements, bell boots, hoof boots, shampoos, health products, etc. We can accept gloves, bell boots, and medical and trail hoof boots if they are new and unused.

3. You may pick your form of payment:

We suggest store credit- the commission is lower (20% on saddles and 35% on all other items) and it is faster, convenient, and fun! The other method is to be paid by check, but we ask that you accrue $100 worth of sales or sell all your items that you have brought before we send out checks in the mail. If you switch to check when you have store credit, the same rate of 50% is applied. The commission is then 25% on saddles and 50% on tack and apparel. When an item sells, we will not credit your account for at least 8 days in case of a return.

4. We use the following system to keep items moving and our consignment fresh. We put your items on display for 60 days. If not sold, we reduce the original price by 25%. If the item has still not sold in 90 days, we reduce the item by 50% of its original price. If the item has not sold in 8 months, we reduce the price by 50% again and sell it in our annual tent sale. If you would not like your items to be put on sale at the tent sale, you will have the chance to come pick up your items. If it does not sell at the tent sale, we donate it to one of our horsey non-profits.

5. We ask that you do not post the consigned items on eBay or other internet sites while they are in our store. You may pick up your items at any time, but we just ask you to call ahead so that we may gather them for you.

6. We do allow items to be taken out on trial by our customers (especially saddles). We ask for a credit card for security, and we ask them to only keep the saddle or item out on trial for a week. We practice all conventional methods of safe handling and displaying of consigned items, but we are not responsible for the safety, damage, or loss of any consigned items.

7. For better selling, we recommend that you bring in winter items, such as heavy blankets, from August through February and summer items from March through July.

Contact us for our return policy.